The Best Of Beryl – Which book will get your vote?

The Man Booker Prize have announced that they are creating a special prize in honour of the late Dame Beryl Bainbridge. Dame Beryl was shortlisted five times for the booker prize yet sadly she never won the prestigious award. Now a special award has been created to honour the late popular and influential writer. The award is titled ‘The Man Booker Best of Beryl’

I think this a great idea and a beautiful way to pay tribute to a writing legend. No writer should be forgotten and this award should further cement her name in the literary world; off course she was already a widely recognised and acclaimed writer and someone who will never be forgotten for her great achievements to the writing world.

Five of her shortlisted novels are up for the award and the public have been asked to submit their votes for which novel they think should win. What a fantastic and interactive way to remember a writer.

The novels up for vote are ‘An awfully Big Adventure’ ‘The Bottle Fctory Outing’ ‘The Dressmaker’ ‘Every Man For Himself’ and ‘Master Georgie’

Are you a fan of her writing? Will you be submitting a vote or do you have a opinon on the award? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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