Barter Books

I recently paid a trip back to my home town of Newcastle and whilst there I couldn’t help but pay a visit to Barter Books in Alnwick, possibly my favourite place to pick up some books and enjoy a quiet read.

I’m sure anyone who loves to read will agree that part of the pleasure of reading is in the places we unveil our stories and the homes that we chose to buy them from. For me I love nothing more than trawling second-hand book shops, taking time to pick out a selection, enjoying all of the books on offer. I also can’t resist seeking out a cosy corner to read my new wears and pass the time peacefully immersing myself in a story.

That’s why whenever I return home I have to pay a visit to Barter Books.

Barter books is nestled in the gorgeous and idyllic countryside of Alnwick. The journey to get there alone is a pleasure but whats there when you arrive is book heaven. Situated in an old train station is one of the largest second-hand books stores in the country. The interior is like nothing else, cosy, sometimes eccentric and peaceful, although it still retains a buzz of excitement which only adds to the experience. There’s a gorgeous painting on one wall that shows many a famous writer. A warming coal fire is situated in the front of the shop with inviting arm chairs you can totally lose yourself in and an honesty box for tea’s and coffee’s and barter bickies. Sound perfect? It really is. I usually like to trail the isles for books (I always pick up too much) and then take my hefty selection to the chairs to browse through my findings. I can lose myself for hours as I’m sure everyone else does.

Even the children’s section of Barter Books still grabs my attention and is always worth a visit because they stock so many childhood classics, it’s a nostalgic experience and it’s great to see so many children enjoying books as well as adults.

Further down the store there’s more and more books, it’s kind of like willy wonka’s chocolate factory for readers, you can find autobiography’s, novels, gardening books, you name it! You can even pick up rare books which, off course are kept in cabinets out of care for the books. That’s the marvellous thing about Barter books, there’s a real sense of care for all those books, everyone who works there is friendly and they’ll help you out whenever. I’ve got to know one guy from there and he’s always helping me run round trying to find the books on my wish list.

If you havent already visited Barter Books then you really must. Take the whole family or go solo, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think the magic of the place would be lost on anyone.

Do you have a favourite book store? Or somewhere that you love to go and read your books? Maybe you’ve been to Barter books and want to leave your comments? As always please feel free to leave your thoughts.


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