One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four…and Five

I’ve decided to join in the fun with Simon at Stuck in a book and his wonderful recent post where he listed The book he was currently reading, the last book he finished, the next book he wanted to read, the last book he bought, and the last book he was given. Simon asked other bloggers to join in too and post the books they were reading, had received and wanted to read. I’ve had great fun reading everyone else’s post and have decided to share with you mine.

1, The book I’m currently reading

The Report by Jessica Francis Kane was kindly loaned to me by the lovely Simon at Savidge Reads. It’s a book I’ve been desperate to get my hands on and is part of my May Mission of books that I hope to read this month. I’ve heard great things about this book so my hopes are high. I’ve just started reading it so it’s far to early to say but so far the book has me very intrigued and seems (fingers crossed) like the sort of thing I usually relish.



2, The last book I finished

The last book I finished was The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. This book was part of one of the book groups I take part in and I’m very much looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you regarding this one. As I said it’s part of a book group I’m currently in so I’ll wait for our catch up to discuss the book before I actually post anything on here. I really enjoyed the book though and am desperate to meet up with the other members of the book group to talk about it.



3, The next book I want to read

After recently acquiring a copy of One Day by David Nicholls at a steal of a price from my local charity shop it’s now top of my TBR list. The book was initially recommended to me by a friend with whom I share similar tastes. I’ve read and heard great things about this book so I’m really keen to start it. Plus I feel like lately I only read books by female writers so this should be a perfect way to get out of this habit. Lets hope it lives up to my high expectations.



4, The last book I bought

 Maybe a little ironically as I just moaned I don’t read enough books by male writers, the last book I bought was Solar by Ian Mcewan. Although it’s not so much my purchasing habits that’s being the problem and more the books I ‘ve being choosing to read lately. Anyway hopefully this will put an end to my recent rut. I’m a huge Ian Mcewan fan to say the least, Atonement being my all time favourite. I’ve being meaning to get round to reading this for a while and now that I finally have a copy I have no excuses.



5, The last book I was given

And finally the last book I was given was The Return by Victoria Hislop. I read her first novel ‘The Island’ years ago and although it wasn’t the usual thing I go for I did really enjoy it so I’m keen to see how I’ll feel about this book. It was my friend who loaned it to me and she actually read The Return first. She’s reading The Island very soon and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on it. I can’t wait for us to both discuss The Island and The Return so I’d better get reading.

So that’s it, the books I’ve bought, being given, want to read, have just read and the last book I bought. Have you read any of these books? Are there only on here that you have any thoughts on? Perhaps you would like to tell me which books you recently bought, read, want to read etc… As always I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve done your own list on your blog then please send me the link. Thanks again to Simon for the great idea.


15 thoughts on “One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four…and Five

  1. How have I not seen your wonderful blog before? I love it, from the title onwards. Nice selection of books for your meme, thanks for joining in – I’ve been meaning to read The Eyre Affair for ages and ages – in fact, I borrowed it from someone months ago. Must dig it out…

  2. Thank you for your kind words Simon! The blog is pretty new so that’s probably why you haven’t seen it before but thanks for checking in. I’m a big fan of your blog so was really excited when I saw this recent post. It was a great way to find other bloggers and also get some good book recommendations.

    You should definitely try and read the Eyre Affair if you get a chance, I haven’t read anything quite like it for a while. A true original. I notice your reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, that was recently recommended to me so I’m looking forward to reading your review.

  3. Thanks JoAnn, great to hear from someone else who also enjoyed the book, all of the positive things I’ve heard about it are really spurring me on!

    Are there any other books like this that you would recommend? What sort of books do you usually go for?

  4. I am itching to read The Report as well, it is on my shelf looking at me, but there are all these other books as well.

    I have read The Return and I did not enjoy it as much as The Island. It did not leave a lasting memory with me as The Island did. Although that would not put me off reading another one if she publishes it.

  5. You’re right “The Eyre Affair” is highly original. I often have problems with books that dispense with reality, but I enjoyed it a lot. I went on to read the second and possibly the third books in the Thursday Next series, but found my enthusiasm diminished. They are probably worth revisiting some time.

    I liked “One Day” very much, as you can read here: (shameless plug!)

    Thanks for responding to my comments on your ‘Sleeping with Mozart’ thread. I still haven’t got around to ordering that one. Other good things keep coming my way. I’m definitely on a light or thriller diet at the present, having just started the latest Robert Goddard – an author whom, I would hazard a guess, Simon T will never have read. I like Simon’s blog too, even if it reminds me how much of a literary lightweight I have become! I think I would read it even if it was a blog about motorway service stations since, like many of these book blog thingies, it is like being part of a good natured conversation.

    • I know how you feel Jo, I’ve got piles of books stacked high in my room that I can’t wait to read but I keep finding more and more that I want to read so the list never goes down. Sorry to hear you didn’t like The Return as much, this often happens with sequels I find! I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

      Nice to hear from you David, I was worried I’d have the same reaction to The Eyre Affair as unrealistic novels can often be quite confusing but I found the whole story very seamless and easy to believe. I’d like to get round to reading the other two books at some point but I do wonder if I’ll enjoy them as much. I’ll be sure to check out your thoughts on One Day.

      There’s nothing wrong with light reading, I have a few fail safe authors that I always turn to when I need to something easy going and these can sometimes be the most enjoyable. I haven’t heard of Robert Goddard though, what sort of books does he write?

  6. Robert Goddard writes richly plotted thrillers, commonly featuring numerous twists and turns. His historical settings range from what us history types refer to as the early modern era (the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries for the unitiated) through to the present day, although most of his more recent books have been set in the modern day. His narrator is typically a middle aged man with a failed marriage who meets someone in the first chapter that sets him off on some kind of mission that tends to become more complicated as it progresses. My favourite is ‘In Pale Battalions’ set against the backdrop of World War I though not, as such, a war novel.

  7. Wow thanks for another great recommendation David. I’ve been wanting to read more thrillers so I’ll keep an eye out for Robert Goddard when I’m scouring the book shops. That’s two recommendations you’ve given me of books I’d never usually try.

    Do you like books rich in history? I love Philipa Gregory and her books set in the Elizabethan times. I’ve recently acquired her latest novel The Red Queen. I’m not sure how accurate they are though! History not being my strongest point : )

  8. Good to see you are making your way through The Report, I really hope you enjoy it. Its not a loan its yours, the publisher sent me two (in fact all the books I passed on are yours forever and ever or to pass on to a new loving home should you want) looking forward to your thoughts.

    I will be interested in your thoughts on The Return too. I loved ‘The Island’ (sooo wasnt expecting to) but sadly this one fell flat for me, and my Mum who loved The Island not expecting to, but she has a third out this year so maybe it was that difficult second novel?

  9. Ah thanks Simon, that’s very generous of you! My bookshelves are going to cave in soon with all these books! Have you got round to Bel Canto yet? Really hope you like it!

    I wasn’t expecting to like The Island either but it was surprisingly good, I have my reservations about The Return but I’ll try and remain open minded. My friend who loaned me The Return absolutely loved it so I’ll be interested to see what she thinks of The Island, maybe it will put her off The Return, or she may remain faithful to it. O any news on what the new book is about?

    P.s have you reviewed either book on your blog?

  10. I certainly do like historical novels or novels with historical setting, although I’ve not read any of Philippa Gregory’s books yet. I guess that science fiction and fantasy aside all novels are in some sense historical, but you know what I mean. If I had to pick out a favourite historical series it would be C. J. Sansom’s Tudor mysteries featuring hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake.

  11. I know what you mean David : )

    You should definitely try Philippa Gregory if you haven’t before. I know you said you liked romantic novels and there’s often a love triangle or love story within her books. From a history perspective though they are really interesting and they portray the Elizabethan era so vividly.

    I haven’t heard of C.J Sansom but I’m interested in the Tudor period, another one for the TBR list maybe? My bookshelves are going to collapse.

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