Get Ready, Set, Score!

So after quite a bit of thought I’ve decided to make a few slight changes to the blog, changes that I hope you’ll enjoy and find beneficial. Firstly I’ve added a little scoring system to the bottom of my posts, this is so you can rate any of the posts I publish on a scale of 1 -5. I’m open to all feedback so please be as honest as you like (I can take it) It would be great to get a sense of how helpful you find my ramblings.

I’ve also decided to add a little rating system of my own to the bottom of all the book reviews I post. This is to hopefully give you a clearer indication of how I feel about the books I’m reviewing and they will be scored on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being very poor, 5 being average and 10 being a total success. Anything between 3 and 4 is just below average. 6 is decent, 7 good. 8 or 9 being a great read but not quite a 10 out of 10.

I’ve added this to the bottom of all of my current reviews and will continue to do it with all of my new posts. This is something I always used to do in my pre blogging days. I had a little diary that I’d jot down my scores on for all the books I read. I used to think I was being a little silly but it’s turned out to be a helpful little reference point.

What do you think of my new rating systems? Do you think you’ll be inclined to rate my posts? How helpful do you find a 10 out of 10 score on reviews, useful or not necessary? Please do check out the points I’ve awarded to current posts and let me know if you find it useful. I hope this is a happy addition to the blog. As always all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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