The Man Booker International Prize – A Winner is Chosen

You may remember I did a post in March announcing the 13 writers nominated for this years Man Booker International Prize, an award that takes place every two years. It celebrates a diverse mixture of writers from around the world, acknowledging those writers whose work has had an effect and touched audiences internationally.

I was particularly excited about this because one of my favourite writers of all times, Philip Pullman, had made the list. But before I go into that, here’s a reminder of the 13 nominated writers:

Wang Anyi

Juan Goytisolo

James Kelman

 John le Carre

Amin Maalouf

David Malouf

Dacia Maraini

Rohinton Mistry

Philip Pullman

Marilynne Robinson

Philip Roth

Su Tong

Anne Tyler

Off course there can only be one winner and this year the award went to the American writer Mr Philip Roth.

Philip Roth has produced an accolade of highly acclaimed work over the years, creating literature that has indeed spread its influence internationally. His new status as the Winner of the 2011 Man Booker International Prize is sure to cement his name even further as a great contributor to the literary world. He was described today on The Man Booker website as a ‘Literary Giant’,  quite a testament to his mark as one of the literary worlds greatly acknowledged writers wouldn’t you say?

Reading Roth’s acceptance comments I couldn’t help get slight goose pimples, I’m not a writer myself so I can only begin to comprehend what an exciting honour it must be to win such an award. To have your work internationally recognised must be both over whelming and incredibly touching.

I’d really like to take advantage of m blog today and say congratulations to Philip Roth.

 You can read all of Roth’s comments and indeed The Man Bookers thoughts on this award at their website by clicking the above link.

So who did you want to win? Did you have a preference? Are you a fan of Philip Roth?

If you’ve read my previous post about this then you’ll already know that I was rooting for Philip Pullman to win as he is one of my all time favourite writers. I will admit a slight disappointment when I realised he hadn’t won, but hey he was nominated, that is still a huge honour and acknowledgment for all of the writers involved.

I’m certainly not sad to see Philip Roth win either, in fact if the award didn’t go to Philip Pullman then I’m very happy to see it go to Mr Philip Roth. A  writer who I was first introduced to in my uni days and someone whose work always inspires me.

So what’s your reaction, how do you feel about today’s announcement? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always. It would be great to get a universal reaction to a universal award.


2 thoughts on “The Man Booker International Prize – A Winner is Chosen

  1. I have to say the international prize sort of leaves me a little ‘meh’ I have to say. Not because I am a misery guts, but because it seems to be done and theres no way of people really joining in, like you can with the Man Booker itself each year. It feels a bit soulless.

    That said I would like to read Roth, in fact I almost chose ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ instead of ‘The Eyre Affair’ for our, as yet unmaterialised, monthly bookish meeting. I would save it for my next choice but the prize has made me want to read it NOW!

  2. I do know what you mean Simon, it’s not as interactive is it? You kind of feel a little secluded from the whole process.

    Once I saw that Philip Pullman had nominated though I was more interested than usual. I was desperate to see him win.

    O well I could happily nominate Portnoy’s Complaint for my book group choice as it’s my turn? It’s a lot more topical right now. Do we know when the first meeting is going to be yet though?

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