Musing over May and my June book journey

Another month has passed and I again I find myself reflectively musing on the books I intended to read in May, the one’s I actually did and the ones I read quite spontaneously without intending to do so. I’ve also compiled a little list of the books that I have chosen to read in June. So here are all of my thoughts.

You may or may not have read my post Mays mission in which I outlined all of the books I wanted to read in May. These, to recap, were The Eyre Affair, The Report, Trespass, The Red Queen, Annabel and The Tigers wife. Maybe I set my sights a little high given that I knew I had a busy month planned in all respects, however this was my challenge and while I didn’t get through them all I did find great pleasure in the ones I did manage.

At the beginning of the month I read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I loved the experience of reading this book; I found it engaging and entertaining throughout, although I also found that I quite quickly forget about this book. Nonetheless it was a great way to kick of my May reading mission and it’s a novel I’d highly recommend.

I also read The Report by Jessica Francis Kane, sadly after a hyped up start my connection to this book rapidly waned and I was left with quite a lack lustre reaction. That said the subject matter of the novel, which told the story of the worst civilian tragedy in WW2 was highly interesting and informative. For that reason I’m glad I read this novel.

The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson was up next. This novel was a little unplanned but loved all the same. And finally I finished of the month with Trespass, my review of which is scheduled for some time this week so you’ll have to wait for that I’m afraid.

I didn’t manage to read Annabel, The Red Queen or The Tigers Wife despite my good intentions. The time flew by this month, but their still firmly on my TBR pile and will get round to them, and all of the other tonnes of books currently crowding my room.

I’m going to try and mix up June a little though, which I really ought to do after moaning on my recent post book rut that I don’t read enough books by male authors. So in June I intend to read One day by David Nicholls which I’ve just started, and Solar by Ian McEwan. I was also given The Novel in the Viola by Natasha Solomons over the weekend and can’t wait to start that.

 And finally I will be reading The purple Hibiscus byChimamanda Ngozi Adichie as part of my new Manchester based book group. I’m particularly excited about this as not only does it mean getting together with some familiar faces to discuss the book, I will also be getting the chance to meet some of the lovely people who read my blog.

Fingers crossed this month wont be quite so hectic and I’ll finish all those books and hopefully some more. As for the ‘more’ is there any books you would recommend to me?

I have been given some great recommendation recently for some short stories that sound amazing so I’ll try and branch out into a style of writing I haven’t explored for too long.

So here’s to a great month of reading for everyone. Hope you all have some exciting books planned and you enjoy whatever it is you chose to read. As always I’d love to hear about what you’re planning to read this month and what you got through in May?


5 thoughts on “Musing over May and my June book journey

  1. I can never plan what I am going to read in a month, it really goes on how I am feeling at the time. I always feel if I set myself to read something, I then think I have failed when I do not achieve it! Not a good circle to be in.

    So who knows where Junes reading will take me. I hope your month goes well.

  2. I know what you mean Jo, I do get excited at the beginning of a new month though when I scour my bookshelves picking out the books I plan to read.
    I tried not to chose to many this month though because I always feel guilty if I don’t get through them.

    Happy reading, I look forward to seeing what you’ve been reading in your up and coming posts!

  3. Hey Lou
    Good luck with your reading, my sister is eager to hear what you think about her fav book – One Day, did you see the film is out soon? I’m fitting Portnoy’s Complaint in before Purple Hibiscus, but it isn’t what I’d usually see through to the end, bit tiresome. Did you see I posted links to three famous short stories on my blog a few days ago that you can read online, thought it might interest you.

  4. Looking forward to your thoughts on One Day… I loved it.

    I personally am now banning book planning. I just want to see where reading takes me and if I want to read a book I will, if I don’t I won’t but too much planning (apart from about three projects I have coming up, see there is a catch, and book groups) just kills the joy in reading I find.

  5. Hi Dave, I’m hearing so many good things about One Day, so fingers crossed. I only hope it lives up to my now high expectations. O you decided to try Portnoy’s Complaint, please let me know how you get on with it once you finished it. Hopefully it will pick up for you.
    I’ve just read your post it’s great, I’m going to try and read the three short stories today and let you know my thoughts. These will be the first short stories I’ve read in a long time.

    Hi Simon, I know what you mean, I try and plan what I’m going to read but not too rigidly, I always feel I’ve let myself down if I don’t read them all! I’ve been meaning to read One Day for a while now though so hopefully I will be left sharing everyone elses enthusiasm on it.

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