Drum Roll Please….A Winner is annoucned

After much excitement, anticipation, and a lot of second guessing at last a winner has been announced for this years Orange Prize for fiction. And the winner is Tea Obreht for her debut novel The Tigers Wife.

The winner was announced last night at London’s Royal festival Hall, Southbank Centre. Can you even imagine how thrilled and elated Tea Obreht must still be feeling right now?

I haven’t read The Tigers Wife yet which is a bit frustrating as I would love to be able to give a more informed response to this years winner. This books been firmly on my TBR list since it made the short list but so have a lot of other books and for some reason I kept choosing something else.

I have to say I was a little surprised, going by other people’s preferences and opinions, I was sure either Annabel, Grace Williams Says it Loud or Room would win. Having read the last two I was happy to see either scoop the prize. I’ve also read mixed reviews of this book so was quite taken a back to see it be crowned the winner.

That said you can never tell which way the judges are going to go for can you?And I’ve also read some amazing things about this book, it definitely sounds like an original and cleverly written piece of work so maybe I shouldnt be so surprised.

Will I be reading this book? Definitely. Although I don’t like to read a book solely on the basis that it’s won an award, even one that I admire as much as the Orange Prize, I think your always primed for disappointment if you read something solely on this basis. However this book was already resting in my TBR pile and after reading the first chapter which is available to read for free here, thanks to the lovely people of Orange, I’m now a lot more curious than before.

Have you read this book? Was it the book you wanted to win? Or the one you thought would win? Or are you surprised to see it scoop this years prize? Perhaps you wanted the award to go to someone else? Do tell me your thoughts.

On a slightly seperate note I was also very shocked when I found out that not only was The Tigers Wife Tea Obreht’s debut novel she is also only twenty-five years old! and now she’s won this prestigious award.

Perhaps because were the same age I was even more taken a back, what an amazing achievement for someone so young. Obreht has also produced a number of short stories which I think I’ll have a go at reading so hopefully I will be as bowled over by this up and coming writer as the Orang judges seem to have been.

Will you be reading The Tigers Wife or any of her short stories? Or are you already a fan?


10 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please….A Winner is annoucned

  1. I’m sceptical
    Sometimes I think when it comes to writers and artists it’s who you know, who champions you, and who you are ahem – sleeping with. Bit of a cliche, but she wrote this when she was 23 so she’s either a Serbian genius or she’s just been in the right place at the right time (i.e. USC and Cornell which in itself means she’s got a lot of money behind her) Like I say I’m sceptical, but could be wrong…here is a short story you can read online by tea Obreht


  2. Also thanks for commenting on my post, ridiculously I haven’t mastered replying on my own blog! shows how many comments I get!
    I made perfume out of flower petals! (or what I now know are weeds) adding in a bit of my mums talc when it wasn’t coming along so well. And whatever happened to woodlice? I need to start turning over rocks again, I haven’t seen one in ages. Happy days. You’re five years younger than me, I always think people in their twenties were in the computer game generation – glad to hear someone else was exploring the entertainment possibilities of insects and dirt!

  3. I like the boldness of your opinion Dave and I am left considering if that might be the case, although I’d never looked at it like that till now. I guess I don’t really know much about literary circles so I’m not sure how ‘corrput’ these things are, but you get situations like this in all circles don’t you?! I like to think it’s less biased than that but you never can tell.

    I’ll check out the short story now, have you read it, do you like it?

    You’ll have to tell me when you’ve sused it out so I can comment back! I loved making perfume, very simple and blisfull times. Wish I’d known about the talc trick then : ) I was always playing in the mud and looking for buried treasure in my mam’s rose bushes, that’s how childhoods should be surely?!

    • Yeh I read it – Her descriptions are excellent…‘red domes of the ribcage swarming with vultures.’ I’d say you can tell she’s a novel writer and not a story writer because she tries to shove information in there, instead of enjoying the lack of information, with a novel you have to make everything believable and show cause-and-effect, with a short story you can leave loads out and let people work out what you mean – Tea writes things like…’after he came back from volunteering at that malaria hospital in Zimbabwe’ too much info I think and goes on about balloon rides and tourists all the time. I do think she tries to cram too much in, the affair, or lack of one, the jobs and history of the characters. Saying that the plot itself is simple and the setting is beautiful, She must have been on holiday to Tanzania. Overall It dragged a bit but was really beautifully written. Still, it’s easy to sell a short story, but a novel…? What did you think? Nice new layout. x

      • I haven’t read it yet but will give it a try. I started reading some of the short stories that you posted links to on your blog and I see what you mean about lack of information being ok in short stories, too much info isn’t needed. I haven’t read anything by Tea Obreht yet and I really need to so I can start making more informed comments, for some reason though her work just doesn’t appeal to me.

        I’ll give it a read soon and let you know how it goes.
        P.s. thanks Dave I’ve being trying out new things, do you think it’s better?

    • Hey
      Ha…I only read it ’cause you’re like a reading machine and I was sure you’d read it! I wanted to have something in common and see what we said the same-different, since I never saw any of your reviews of books I’d actually read. Well if you’re busy don’t bother, it isn’t the best SS in the world, but it was okay. Saying that if you’re in two minds about the novel, she’s 25 I doubt she writes in a variety of styles, so i guess If you like the SS you might like the novel, if you see what I mean. I was comfy with your old blog decor, but it isn’t that I don’t like this, I’ll just take some time to get used to it, it seems very white and clean. 😉 Have a nice week.

      • Hey Dave, O dear definitely not a reading machine, I think I’m the slowest reader ever! We’ll soon have a book in common though after we finish The Purple Hibiscus. I will definitely read the SS, I just seem to have hardly any reading time anymore : ( I started the ones on your blog the other day so will let you know soon how I get on with them.

        Not sure how permanent the new style will be, I’m just trying new things, ws going for something a little more clean and less girly.

  4. The Tiger’s Wife is another book I abandoned recently. After winning the Orange Prize then I’m convinced I must go back to it soon!
    My vote actually went to Great House by Nicole Krauss….a lovely novel.

  5. It does seem like a lot of people struggled with it so I have mixed feelings about whether or not I’m going to like it, guess there’s only one way to find out…try it for myself.

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Great House and can’t wait to read it.

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