Reading through July

Can you believe it? Another month has flown by and now it’s August, where does the time go? I hope that for all of you, like me it was a  wonderful month of reading filled with lots of fantastic reads. Firstly I must apologise that my blog has been a little sparse this month which was down to a very big schedule and not much blogging time. Despite a hectic month though I did manage to read some amazing books and this month you can expect my usual influx of posts.

But back to reading, I started off the month reading The God of Small things which I’m yet to review as this is part of a book group that I’m hosting. Were all meeting tonight to dissect and explore this book and I can’t wait to report back to on what’s sure to be a diverse mix of opinions. This book in particular seems to have split the group somewhat and I’m excited to see what everyone else thought of it. Has anyone else read this book, what were your thoughts?

Secondly I read what shaped up to be by far the best book of the month; The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly. If you’ve read my review then you’ll probably see that I was quite bowled over by the book which for me had just the right mix of intrigue and mystery and I was literally glued to this book. I can’t wait to read another book by Kelly. Has anyone read her latest novel, The Sick Rose, and if so would you recommend it?

Next up I read The Reader by Bernhard Schlink which has been on my TBR list for years and yet I’ve never got round to it. The book made a refreshing change from my current reading habits and whilst the story was at times hard to digest it made for a thrilling, real and touching story. Schlink has a style and way of writing that is at once simple and at the same time complex and rich. This is my first book by this author but certainly not the last. My review of this is scheduled to run very soon.

And lastly I tried When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson, which is part of the Jackson Brodie series. The only other book that I’d read by Kate Atkinson is Behind the scenes at the museum and I loved that book. Anyone familiar with the Brodie series will know that this book is slightly different in style, nonetheless it made for an enjoyable and I’ll let you know my thoughts on it soon.

So that was July and what a fun month of reading it was. I had some Post war German literature, a crime thriller, a booker prize winner and well the Poisson Tree which I really don’t feel I can categorize but I must say it was the cherry on the top of a great reading month.

So what about August? Well I have no firm reading plans just yet, although I do have a bedroom overflowing with books that need to be read so I shouldn’t be short of material. I also plan to read Before I go To sleep by S J Watson which has had me intrigued for long enough now.

So what about everyone else? What great reads did you discover this month? Any books you read and would recommend? And what do you have planned for August? As always I would love to hear all your thoughts…happy reading


8 thoughts on “Reading through July

  1. I look forward to your review of the Atkinson book. I have read all of the Jackson Brodie books and loved them. I must pick up Behind the Scenes at the Museum, one of the ones I have not read.

    • I read your reviews of the Brodie series and that’s what inspired me to read them : ) I really liked them but didn’t get on with one of the characters, my review will be up soon so I’ll reveal who, I’m curious to see what everyone else made of this particular character.

  2. Last night I finished a book called ‘The Other Hand’ by Chris Cleaves (‘Little Bee’ in the US). It was simple and refreshing after some very disappointing reads this month.

    I won’t write any spoilers – The author and publishers are very keen that people don’t reveal anything about what happens. All I will tell you is that it’s the story of a young African refugee whose life becomes entwined with that of an English family. The reviews are very mixed – For better or worse it has evoked some very strong opinions. I advise you not to read any reviews, good or back. Instead, read the book and decide for yourself.

    • Wow, the book sounds very interesting, thank you for the recommendation. I’ll stay clear of any reviews for now as I never read a book without reading other peoples opinion’s first. It might be quite refreshing to read a book without anyone else’s thoughts persuading mine!

      Did you read much else this month?

      • I must have read other books but I can’t think of any. I’ve got about 160 on the Kindle to work my way through at the moment. No doubt I read some off there, I just don’t remember. It’s been a busy month.

      • I agree, it’s really hard to go by the prizes a book has won. It is easier though if it’s a prize you really like. For example the Orange Prize rarely lets me down but I can find the booker a little hit and miss.

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