Day Zero…My Reading Challenges and why I need your help!

You may or may not have heard of a project entitled Day Zero, it’s all really very simple you pick a list of 101 challenges that you wish to complete and you have 1001 days to do it in. The reason for having quite a long time to do all of these challenges is that it should hopefully, make it more manageable to complete the tasks.

For more detailed information on this challenge you can check out there which explains the whole concept a lot more eloquently, but in summary having taken on this ultimate challenge I have chosen now for myself 101 challenges that I have just about 1001 days to complete them.

You can check out my full list on the site, however I wont be boring you with all of the challenges, just the book related ones naturally.

And here they are;

2. Publish 100 posts on my blog – So far I have reached 45 since starting the blog in March, quite a respectable number…I hope. So I feel that 100 should be feasible. I would like to complete this challenge by the New Year, so I had better get reading.

16. Read Ten Literary Classics – I decided to take up this challenge because despite reading a wealth of classics at university it seems like many life times ago that I picked up a true classic. I haven’t started making my list yet, I’m actually very open to suggestions if anyone could help. Are there any classic’s that you would strongly recommend? Something I just have to read? I’d love some ideas. So far the only one on there is Little Women which I’ve always meant to read and yet some how never got round to.

17. Read my height in books – This might sound like a silly challenge but I’m actually very curious to see how easily I can do this. Starting from yesterday I will make a note of the height of any books I read and hopefully in not too long I will have reached my own height 5.4. If I do manage to do it then there will definitely be some photo’s going up…but how long will a challenge like this take me? I’m not that tall and I read a lot but I can be quite a slow reader. One thing is for sure it will definitely give me a sense of how much I do and don’t read. If you were to do this challenge how long do you think it would take you?

51. Read a book written by someone I disagree with – At first when this suggestion came up I skimmed past it, but then I go to thinking that maybe I miss out on a whole world of amazing books because I judge the book by the author? How many wonderful reads might I already have missed out on and therefore robbed myself of the joy of reading. So with that in mind I need to do some research and look into some writers that I have up in till now failed to empathise with. Maybe a biography of a famous person I always disagreed with? I wonder if I will change my mind.

52. Read Pride and Prejudice – I know, I know it’s a true classic, why have I not read it yet? I ask myself the same questions and yet I just never got round to it. I even studied this whole time period at university and yet never fancied this book. I always fancied edgy contemporary styles but now I find my tastes changing and with it the feeling that I must read this book.

53. Host Ten Book Group (not including the ones I did prior to this list) – I’ve really been enjoying book group and found it a great way to meet people, read books I normally wouldn’t read, and off course talk about my favorite topic…BOOKS! So this is another little challenge that I would love to see completed. Last week we had our third meet where we will discuss Before I Go To Sleep but off course it will count as the first one in this challenge.

54. Ask all readers of my blog to recommend a book. Read first 10 recommendations – This challenge, like number 16 is slightly more interactive in that it involves the lovely readers of my blog. I’m asking all of you to recommend a book for me and the first 10 that I haven’t read will go on to my list to be read in order to complete this challenge. Again I’m hoping this will broaden my reading horizons and give me a chance to find out which books you’ve read, loved and now can’t wait to pass on. So please do pass on your ideas and I will diligently begin reading.

80. Attend at leat three literary events – This may seem a bit vague but it’s quite simple, I love books so I really must participate in more events that revolve around them. I recently attended Bookmarked which is hosted by Simon from Savidge Reads, the evening centred around authors S J Watson and Sarah Winman and was a wonderful and interesting night, So more of this please. I need idea’s for at least 3 more events, I will definitely be looking to attend another Bookmarked event but need more idea’s. Anyone in the Manchester area with any idea’s then please do share.

90. Blog at least one a week for a year – Again this may seem like a silly challenge but it’s amazing how much we allow to go to the waste from a lack of motivation. To that end I have decided to make a personal vow with myself that from yesterday when my list commenced that I will blog at least once a week for a whole year. Obviously I hope to achieve more but this way I have the constant motivation to keep up with a hobby that I have really grown to love.

So that’s all of my challenges, what do you think? Could you be tempted to take part in this yourself? Do let me know if you decide to and off course I can’t wait to hear all of your recommendations. Don’t forget that thanks to these challenges I will read anything that you throw my way so be daring, chose whatever you please just let me know what books I simply must read on my new 1001 day challenge.

Also do let me know if you ever chose book challenges for yourself? Perhaps you have a minimum amount of books you read each week, month, year or maybe you have a different challenge. I’d love to hear them.


11 thoughts on “Day Zero…My Reading Challenges and why I need your help!

  1. Did you see when God was a rabbit was in the top ten Amazon list? Room was pretty high up too.
    So…books. I’ll tell you my top ten ‘classics’ but these are not the books you have to read according to your blog people. (PS Little Women is on my worst-five-books list, the quality of writing is appalling!)
    1. The Secret Garden, 2. Dracula, 3. Rebecca, 4. Watership Down, 5. The Handmaids Tale, 6. Jane Eyre, 7. Clockwork Orange, 8. Disgrace, 9. To Kill a Mockingbird, 10. Laughter in the Dark (Nabokov)
    My suggestion of books you have to read because your blog readers say so! 😉
    Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters.
    What’s this about having to say yes to 100 things you don’t want to. Does that mean we can pick where the next book club is and you have to say yes…?

    • From your top 10 classics the only one I have read is To Kill a Mockingbird. (I might have read Jane Eyre but I’m not sure. I should probably read it again). I bought The Secret Garden last week from a charity shop. It’s a really old copy with illustrations all over the cover. It’s not a first edition, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got it for £2.30 if it was. It’s still 60+ years old though.

      Where did you have in mind for the next book club? Or do we need Lou to agree first before you tell us? :-p

    • Hi Dave,

      I really want to read When God Was A Rabbit, really feel like I’m missing out on something not reading it.

      Thank you for the recommendations. I’ve started Jayne Eyre, and I’ve bought Rebecca, I definitely think I’ll read The Secret Garden and maybe Dracula too. Isn’t that one of your favourite books?

      Thank you for nomination Fingersmith too : ) I’ve desperate to read it and it’s going to be my first book to read that’s nominated by my readers,

      Ha yeah why the hell not, it’ll kick off my saying yes to 100 things…I’ll go anywhere!

  2. Hi Lou, It’s good to see you have so many reading challenges. I like the challenge to read the first 10 books your readers recommend. I wouldn’t mind trying a challenge like that too.

    Here are my answers:

    16. Ten Literary Classics: One of the best things about owning a Kindle is the ability to download hundreds of the classics either for free or for a few pence. On my TBR list I have downloaded (amongst others) The Iliad, The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein and The Jungle Book. People rave about Madame Bovary but I didn’t think much of it.

    The classic I’m going to recommend is one I think gets overlooked quite a lot: ”Diary of a Nobody” by George and Weedon Grossmith. It’s only short – about 180 pages but it is amusing and definitely worth a look. Have you heard of it?

    17. Read your height in books: I’m also doing this challenge. So far I’ve read 10.1cm in 4 weeks. You asked how long I think it will take me – well going at that rate and having done some calculations I should be done by Wednesday, 12 December 2012. Lol. (I’ve read about 6% in 4 weeks so it’ll take about another 66 weeks. My calculations might be completely wrong, plus who knows how much I will actually read week in and week out?)

    51. Read a book written by someone you disagree with: Perhaps you could read something that was banned or a subject you find offensive? This one does need more research. I’ll get back to you if I think of anything.

    54. Ask all readers of your blog to recommend a book: Hmmm, I’ve recommended several books to you. I don’t know which to MAKE you read. 🙂 I’m going to go with Complicity by Iain Banks. My reasons are 1) You’ve been talking about trying Iain Banks for ages. 2) We talked about this one at the book club last week (Claire recommended it), and 3) I’ve already given you a copy so you have no excuses!

    80. Attend at least three literary events: It’s the Manchester Literature Festival from the 10th to 23rd October. ( I’m sure you’ll find an event or two there that you’d like to go to.

    There are my recommendations. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions. You should definitely do that, I have a book in mind already if you do decide to.

      Your right, kindles are amazing for things like classics, I have The Tale of Two Cities now so will definitely try that and also I’ll try and get The Diary of a Nobody. Thank you : )

      Think I’ll read Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde too.

      I think the book height challenge will take me ages, I’m such a slow reader.

      Thank you as well for the book nomination, I can’t wait to read it, it’s top on the TBR list.

      There’s a few events I really want to attend for the lit festival, are there any you fancy, maybe we could go together?

    • Please I would really appreciate it. I’ve always meant to read it but never got round to it.

      Is there a book you would chose for me to read as part of my challenge to read the first ten books nominated for me by my readers?

    • It’s great, do you think it’s something you would do?

      Also would you be happy to nominate a book for me to read as well for my challenge to read the first ten books nominated by my readers?

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