October; A Reading Slump

I feel I should really start this blog with a big apology because October was an extremely quiet one at I hug my Books. I’m normally a huge book geek and like to cram in as many books as I can each month, I love sharing my thoughts with you all even more.

And yet the month of October was for me a huge reading slump. I’m sure we all have these moments, you pick up a book, try to get into it and yet the words just jumble into a blur and the power of the narrative just passes you by. Well that’s how October was for me and after trying to force myself to get into several different books I just decided to take a little reading break.

There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to get into something you usually love, it just makes you resent it and reading should never in my opinion be like that. That said I took my sweet time and slowly read the rest of Jane Eyre and I also read a fair chunk of Salem’s Lot by Stephen King which is the book up for analysis at my next book group. I think I underestimated the time a book of such a size would take, it’s huge! It’s always hard reading a book your obliged to read when your really not in the reading mood but thankfully my reading funk seems to be slowly lifting so hopefully I will devour the rest of the book this month in my usual reading style.

 So as I said sadly I have few books to talk to you all about in this post, so I thought I would pose the question instead ‘do you get into reading flunks where you just can’t get into anything? If so what do you do to get yourself out of it or do you just let it ride? And what hobby to you pick up to fill the reading void’?

I usually try to read a book that is light years away from my usual stuff when in a reading flunk; the idea being I’m a little bored of reading the same stuff over and over and it’s a great opportunity to push my boundaries. Sadly there were no books that could captivate my attention this month. So I’ve thrown myself into some knitting and a lot of winter cooking, pies and stews, mm. I’ve also being snowed under with work and studying; maybe I’m just too worn out to read?

But what about everyone else? How do you tackle reading slumps? Hopefully October was a far more productive reading month for you all, What did you read? Perhaps your choices may help inspire me this month? Did anyone divulge in some scary Halloween reading?

 I haven’t made any plans for November, I did that in October and didn’t get too far. Instead I’m going simply by what grabs my attention when I reach for the bookshelf. I think instinct will be my reading guide in November. Off course finishing Salem’s Lot is first on the agenda. I hope I can get more into it. So what is everyone else reading this month? Anything planned or will you just be going with the flow? Whatever your plans Happy Reading as always.


2 thoughts on “October; A Reading Slump

  1. You’d hate my reading list for November it’s not very exciting I’m afraid – Postmodernist Fiction, On the Natural History of Destruction, the Penguin Social History of Britain 1870-1914, the postmodern fairytale…to name but a few. When I get bored of reading I write. When I get bored of writing I go on a photo trip somewhere and take pics. Beyond that I do art and write poems, make my own journals and make bread (the last is very relaxing and makes the house smell nice) If all of that fails I might put on a DVD. 😉

    • Ah that all sounds quite tiring, I don’t envy you : )

      Sounds like you have plenty of hobbies to pick up when your sick of reading. I’d love to get into making my own bread, I can imagine your house smells amazing. I like cooking when I get bored of reading, and knitting is currently taking up a lot of my time.

      If I could take pics like you do then I would definitely have that as a hobby! By the way what do you have to read for the postmodern fairytale?

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