Cutaway – A wonderful new literary magazine

As the new year fast approaches my list of challenges and resolutions seems to grow and grow but there’s one project sure to really stretch my imagination and put my skills to the test. This all revolves round the creation of a new literary magazine with a rather wonderful concept.
The magazine is entitled Cutaway and it’s been created by writers Dave Scholfield and Craig Pay. Check out their site for full details of what the magazine entails but to give you a flavor the magazine promises to be a high quality, visually appealing, and jam-packed with literary treats. But perhaps the best thing about the project is that it calls for all writers from around the world to submit prose, poetry and short stories with the possibility that the may end up in the magazine when it is published in the spring/summer next year.
Here’s what the magazine are calling for “We’re looking for literary fiction, genre fiction and a little that blurs the two. Mix poetry with prose, text with numbers, your shopping list with a love letter, dragons with teenage angst or just push yourself to create something dynamic”.
I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a wide writing scope here, the magazine is certainly encouraging creativity and imagination.
So I’ve made myself a mini target to try to write something of enough worth to submit to Cutaway and who knows it may make the magazine. I always say I want to practice my writing, well this could be a good prompt.
What about everyone else? Do you think you might have some worth submitting? Are you interested in trying to put pen to paper? Check out the magazine’s site for more information, I’m sure you’ll find it as inspiring as I did.


6 thoughts on “Cutaway – A wonderful new literary magazine

  1. YEY!
    thanks Lou, I owe you one (if I didn’t owe you already) that doesn’t mean any nepotism in the magazine submissions!! that will be impartial and anonymous! lol. The more submissions the better, in fact we’ve had a couple of submissions already before the date and they’re American both so I hope UK writers, and especially Manchester writers do their bit. Any launches and readings associated with it in Spring will be in the northern quarter. see you Thursday. xx

    • No worries Dave, I think it’s a great idea and worth a shout out. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing the final product….now to try and get my creative hat on : )

    • The magazine definitely promises variety, do you think you would be interested in submitting a piece Susan? I checked out your blog and noticed your a writer?

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