Something A Little Different….

As visitors to my blog will know, and as the title probably makes quite clear I hug My Books is a book based blog. As tempted as I sometimes am to write about my other non literary escapades I always try and keep things here strictly book based.

So when I recently visited the wonderful new restaurant 63 Degree’s in Manchester’s Northern Quarter I immediately wanted to tell anyone who would listen just how great it was. Not wanting to mention it here I was very thankful when SammyDee of Manchester Meanders invited me to do a guest blog and review it on her Manchester based site. A brilliant blog for anyone in or around Manchester, or even for people visiting the city and looking for new and exciting things to do. So thanks to SammyDee and thanks to anyone who chooses to stop by and read it.


2 thoughts on “Something A Little Different….

  1. Thank you for the review! 🙂 You made the food sound very tempting and I’m glad you chose such unusual dishes. You’ve made me and a few others want to try the place.

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