Goodbye January….Hello February

Yikes is it really already February? Where does the time go? If things have been a little quiet at I hug my books recently it’s thanks to hectic schedules and nasty college deadlines. But thankfully I’ve still managed to squeeze in some brilliant reading, some I’ve shared with you, some I’m looking forward to sharing soon.

I began the month with The Particular Sadness of Lemon cake which I enjoyed despite it really not being my usual kind of book. I hadn’t given it too much thought after reading and reviewing it until a friend asked me my thoughts just the other day. It made me re-asses my feelings and realize just how much I’d liked this book in spite of the unusual and unpredictable turn that it took.

Next up was another book that I probably wouldn’t normally read, Ask The Dusk by John Fante. Thanks to a work colleague insisting I try it I was soon immersed in the wonderful world of Arturo Bandini, enjoying another novel set in the heart of L.A. A setting that doesn’t usually show up in the books I read but one that fascinates me.

I then read The Secret Life of bee’s which was given to me as a gift. I’m yet to post my review so I’ll remain quite hushed up on this one for now. Also I haven’t quite made up my mind on this book. I enjoyed it, in the momentt, but it was one of those books that once finished seems to vanish from your memory almost immediately.

And lastly a book I’m not likely to forget anytime soon is The Shadow of The Wind which I read just the other day as part of my book group. Again I’m yet to post my review but once I do I’m sure you’ll find I was enthralled by Zafon’s magical story  and the mesmerizing world he has created. I’ll also be posting the thoughts of my fellow book groupers. There will also be a small quiz posted on this book in the near future with a chance to win a free book. More details to follow shortly.

For now I don’t really have any solid reading plans other than reading The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks which I’ve finally managed to get a copy of from my local library. I’m also going to be reading Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay as part of a book blog tour, more details of that to come soon.

So what about everyone else? Read anything god this month? Got any plans for February? I’d love to hear what you’ve being up to reading wise.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye January….Hello February

  1. I read The Shadow of the Wind about 2 yrs ago when it fell off a shelf in front of me and I thought, that looks an intriguing cover (not the one pictured above) and it’s a thick book, let’s give it a go. Not my usual way of choosing a book but it worked. LOVED IT! So when The Angels game came out I got that and it is almost as good. I have the next release pre-ordered…
    This yr I’ve so far read Labyrinth (Kate Mosse), then followed up with Winter Ghosts (as a pyjama day read) and now on Sepulchre.
    The one that really got me was one sent by a good friend The Mirror (Marlys Millhiser), it truly deserved the 5 stars I gave when reviewing it somewhere. Complex, twisting and turning and not predictable, it was difficult to put down and I missed it when finished, a sign of a really good read in my estimation.
    Somewhere in there I read Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett who is an other of my long time favorite authors. I’d saved it for a special occasion and yes I loved it. Very sharp, darker than most of the discworld novels and just the way I appreciate a good book. Another 5 star hit.

    • I like the way this book seems to have found you! Very in keeping with the story itself. I’d really like to read some more of his stuff. I’ll keep my eye’s out for The Angels.

      I’ve got a copy of Labyrinth somewhere that I’ve being meaning to read for years!! Must get round to it. Did you enjoy it? Got to love pyjama day reads too. I’d never heard of The Mirror till now but you’ve really sold it to me. I love books that you miss after finishing them. I still miss The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly and I read that last summer!! I finished The Wasp Factory this weekend and still miss reading it.

      Sounds like you’ve had a good start to the year reading wise. Pratchett is another writer on my TBR list. Any books you plan to read this year?

      • I have a few weeks every yr when I devour fiction… most of the time I read what can possibly be described as ”textbooks”.
        On my list for this yr is the the follow up to The Angels game; The Prisoner of Heaven, the new Terry Pratchett, Snuff and The Long Earth. Holy Fools by Joanne Harris and To Andromeda and Beyond by Elaine Thompson. Oh, and Pope AnnaLisa (Peter Canova) sounds great but I’m holding out for the kindle version… Yes, I know… and trust me I love paper books but I also love my kindle and the way I save 15usd on postage and don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for the book to arrive.
        Then who knows what comes my way 🙂
        Russian Winter sounds just up my street too, thanx for the tip x

  2. How is your reading going this February. I’m guilty of not having read a single book so far this month. I’m 25% though Moby Dick and I’m only reading that book this month. If I allow myself to get distracted by other books I don’t think I’ll finish it. How about you?

  3. Wow Catpaw it sounds like you’ve being doing a lot of reading! What being your favourite. I have to admit I haven’t read any of those titles, although I must get round to trying some Terry Pratchett. Sometimes Kindle’s can be very useful! I’m going to Paris next week and thinking about getting Moby Dick on it because there’s no way I can be bothered lugging it around in my back, but on the kindle would be perfect. Hope you like Russian Winter if you do decide to try it!

    Sammy Dee, my reading is going quite well, I read and loved The Wasp Factory, then read and adored Russian Winter. I wanted to read more but given how brilliant both books were I can’t complain. I’m 50 pages in and not sure what I think so far! It’s a beast : ) I wanted to finish it by the weekend but can’t se that happening! I don’t think I’ll finish it in time so I’m going to post something about it on the book group site.

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