Happy Birthday To I Hug My Books

Happy Birthday To My Blog….

I can’t believe it’s being a year ago today that I started my blog and posted my first review. In many ways it seems like life times ago that I began trying to circumnavigate my way around the blogging community, getting to grips with the way things worked. But in many ways it seems only yesterday that I decided to begin blogging. Either way I’m delighted to say that I Hug My Books is a year old, it’s being such a wonderful experience and for someone quite capricious in my hobbies I would say a year was pretty good, fingers crossed there will be many, many more.

Off course the blog wouldn’t be half as fun if it wasn’t for all of the people who take the time to stop by, comment and like my posts. It really makes a huge difference knowing that your posts are being read and fingers crossed enjoyed. I’ve also discovered some brilliant blogs along the way, started a book group I love and had some amazing book suggestions sent my way.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! And please stick around for what will hopefully be many, many more years of I Hug My Books.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To I Hug My Books

    • Ha I’ve just started to live that down! Who would have thought it was a year ago I was pulling my hair out about that name. Photo’s sound good to me.

      • Trust Dave to bring that up. You just couldn’t let it go, could ya? :-p

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HUG MY BOOKS! You’re the reason I started blogging! 😀

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