April Rounded Up

While the weather outside might have being pretty miserable in April there was a silver lining in that it created the perfect setting for a month of reading hibernation. Don’t you just love it when the rain is beating down outside and the wind is howling but inside your tucked up with a great read, immersed in a completely different world?

I began the month by reading Home To Roost by Tessa Hainsworth. This non-fiction delight charts Hainsworth’s real life transformation from busy business woman in London to a post lady in rural Cornwall. The book is a charming and transporting story which may even inspire it’s reader. I soon forgot our own gloomy weather and felt lost in Tessa’s world on the beautiful Cornish coast.

Next up I stuck with the Cornish theme reading what is now firmly one of my all time favourite books. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.  It seems that it wasn’t only my favourite, judging by everyone else’s reactions you all loved this book too. I now can’t wait to read some more Du Muarier titles. Thanks everyone for your recommendations.

I was fortunate enough that the next book I picked up was another true gem. Getting into the 2012 Olympics I read the powerful and moving Gold by Chris Cleave. Please keep an eye out for my review which will appear very soon. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this unique and engrossing story.

Finally I finished of the month reading Night by Elie Wiesel. The tone was certainly more sombre and at times difficult to digest, but then aren’t these books sometimes the best? I’ll be posting my review soon and look forward to sharing my thoughts on this one also.

So that was April for me, what about everyone else? Did you read anything special? And what about May any big plans? I don’t have any solid plans. There’s too many books, too little time. But fingers crossed it will be just as exciting a reading journey as April.

Happy Reading Everyone.


4 thoughts on “April Rounded Up

  1. I love reading monthly reading summaries. It’s always cool to see what everyone is reading. Home to Roost looks really interesting and I think I’m starting Rebecca as my next book. April was a good month for me because I finally got around to reading some books I’d been wanting to read for a long time, mostly Brave New World and Oryx and Crake. For May I don’t have anything planned, just trying to read more as always. Some people plan out their reading but I never do, just read whatever strikes my mood and/or is available from the library at the time. Hope you have an awesome reading month in May! 🙂

  2. April was very good for me reading, May has started somewhat slower. Rebecca is my first book clubs choice which is meeting on Thursday, I have already read it, but will go back for a refresher this week.

  3. I didn’t mind Night by Elli Wiesel, I think there’s possibly better books on the subject but its pretty rivetting. I haven’t read Gold so interested to see what you say, have you read The Other Hand by the same author? I read absolutely nothing in April! My workload at uni, my actual workload and cutaway and structo magazine jobs just swamped me completely. I ordered Bed from the library but the last person to have it hasn’t brought it back and its a week overdue.
    Oh and cutaway is released on Friday and I’ve got a big box full of copies in my room, so hopefully the end is in sight and I can start sleeping again.

    Hope you’re well, sounds like you’ve had a good month, how is Bed going? I’m doomed to not win the quiz this time!! I did watch the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo though and I was going to read the book but the film put me off.

    See you soon! x

  4. Delighted you fell under Rebecca’s spell as I have. Definitely one of my forever favourites. How powerful to have a main character who we only ever meet through the perspective of others! One to fall in love with, for sure!

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