Still here…..honest

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d dropped off the face of the earth, so quiet has I hug my books being of late. I feel like a tumble weed should be drifting across the screen.

But I’m still here, honest! Despite some brilliant reading this month, every time I sit down to write I keep getting distracted by this little guy….

Meet PedroThis little monster is Pedro, my new kitten and he does not take kindly to being ignored. Whenever I try to read or type a review I’m reprimanded with a loud meow or a playful paw.

Time just seems to have eluded me this past month and days turn into weeks and weeks month. Before I knew it nearly a whole month had passed and not a peep out ย of me on here! So I’m rectifying my slack ways and will be back to my regular blogging asap. It’s my June resolution.

I’ve got some great books to tell you all about and I want to hear what everyone else has being reading/doing?

Thanks everyone for your patience during this quiet month and I hope you enjoy the up and coming reviews soon to be published.

Happy Reading!


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