Give away – Get Involved!

Answers on the back of a postcard please….

Readers of yesterday’s review will know that I have just read and loved Elizabeth Bailey’s latest novel The Deathly Portent. I’m now very excited to say that Elizabeth has offered to supply me with an extra book that I will be giving away on my blog. If you like novels that leave you desperately turning the page to solve the mystery then this book is a great read.

Winning is very simple, all  you need to do is answer this question:

In my review I told you a little about the exciting plot of The Deathly Portent. I told you it centred around a gruesome murder in a quite English Village and a wily murderer who tries to turn the blame to someone else. But who do they try and frame?

To enter all you need to do is email your answer to my . That way the answer remains a secret and I am able to email you if your the winner!

In two weeks time I will draw names out of a hat and announce the results on my blog, as well as emailing the winner. I’ll send the book out asap. 

So it’s all very easy and I hope you all decide to get involved. The Deathly Portent is a great mystery book with plenty of originality and a good mix of suspense.


2 thoughts on “Give away – Get Involved!

  1. Emailed you answer then realised I never put my name to it! Whoops hopefully it is obvious from my email address!

    Thanks for a lovely opportunity, and reminding me of the days when you did fill in postcards for competitions!

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for entering : ) I got your email and knew who it was so don’t worry. Ah why don’t they do answers on the back of postcard anymore?!

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