Night by Elli Wiesel

A little while back I found myself craving a story of short proportions that still packed a poignant punch. I decided upon Night by Elli Wiesel, a book that I was long ago loaned and have being meaning to read for quite sometime.
I’ll admit that originally I had reservations, I’ve read so many books and seen so many films that centre around the Holocaust and whilst I appreciate and respect them all, it is I feel quite easy to be desensitized to a subject matter that is so widely covered. Nonetheless Night comes so highly recommend I thought it might satisfy my craving.
The book centre’s around Wiesel’s real life experience of being in a German concentration camp. From the moment of his forced move to Auswitchz to his separation from his mother and sister, Night charts the unimaginable time spent imprisoned with his father, helpless victim to the cruel treatment of his captors.
Starvation, loneliness, cruelty,  the breaking point of human physical endurance, Wiesel leaves no stone unturned and makes no apologies for his unreserved honesty.

And yet despite the often shocking content of the story and the unabashed frankness of our narrator, I sadly often found myself drifting through the novel without any real emotional connection.

Occasionally there was a moment where my attention became piqued and I was shocked out of the reverie which grasped me for most of the novel. Certain scenes and particular musing from Wiesel really stirred my emotions. But frustratingly these moments were few and far between.

I would still recommend this book, after all it’s incredibly well written, it has a serious and important message at it’s heart and it explores Wiesel’s journey with acute intimacy. I know so many other readers loved this book and would wholeheartedly recommend it. I can appreciate why even if my own sentiments aren’t quite the same.

So who else has read this book and if so did you love it, loath it, or were your feelings more middle of the road like mine? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always.


4 thoughts on “Night by Elli Wiesel

  1. I haven’t read this book because I always heard that it’s so dark and sad and depressing, all things I usually avoid in books. But after reading The Road which is all those things too and surviving that experience, I’m becoming more open to books like this. So I think I’ll pick it up sometime soon. It seems like one of those books that everyone needs to read at least once.

    • I tend to avoid anything to do with the Holocaust. I find the whole thing too upsetting. Is this one you think I should make an exception for?

      I enjoyed The Road. I didn’t really know what it was about when I picked it up but I read it in two days.

      • Hi Sammy Dee, it’s funny, guess we have very different reasons for avoiding these sorts of books, you find it too upsetting, I find myself to desensitised. I didn’t love it but many others did and it’s very short so maybe just try for yourself? You might really connect with it.

        Heard so many good things about The Road, must read that.

    • Hi Book Nympho,

      I always think that although these sorts of books can be dark and as you say sad, sometimes they can be the best ones. I think it’s just about getting the right balance. I didn’t love this book but I think that’s more because I didn’t emotionally connect to the story. Do give it a go though, so many people love it and you might too : ) Let me know what you think if you do read it.

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