The Prisoner Of Heaven & Other New Offerings from Carlos Ruiz Zafon

If there’s one writer sure to bring to joy to all who read his books then it’s Carols Ruiz Zafon. I’m yet to meet a reader who hasn’t fallen for his captivating and daring story telling. The fact that The Shadow Of The Wind is the only book to entertain and please every member of my book group is a further testament to Zafon’s success.

Imagine my excitement then when I was asked to review Zafon’s latest book, The Prisoner Of Heaven. Of course I didn’t need to think twice and I can’t wait to get stuck into this much-anticipated novel. The Prisoner Of Heaven reunites us with the much-loved characters of The Shadow Of The Wind. Daniel and Bea Sempere have had their first child and their dear friend Fermin Romero De Torres is soon to married. But then a deeply buried secret threatens to become uncovered unveiling a world of trouble and dangers in a plot that promises to be as dramatic and spell binding as Zafon’s other works.

The Prisoner Of Heaven went on sale July 10th and I’m sure many have already tucked into this latest offering. But if this wasn’t exciting enough there’s another treat in store. Harper Books have also released a free short story from Zafon titled The Rose Of Fire. You can read it here. Fans of Zafon are sure to love this story which takes us back to the Cemetery Of Books, whilst I’m sure first time readers will also love the chance to try his work.

I do hope you all decide to read The Rose Of Fire, a brilliant read and completely free! I’d love to hear your thoughts and off course I’d love to know how everyone feels about the release of The Prisoner Of Heaven, perhaps you’ve already read it and would like to share your thoughts?

Happy Reading everyone.


2 thoughts on “The Prisoner Of Heaven & Other New Offerings from Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    • It’s out now Danielle, you should definitely get a copy….try the short story as well, tell me what you think!

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