Book Group 2013

Welcome to official ‘Book Group 2013’ page. Please check in for updates on book group dates, venues and book choices. Lets hope 2013 is full of wonderful books, meets and off course plenty of book group chin wagging.

Now, onto our new book group book…happy reading everyone x


68 thoughts on “Book Group 2013

  1. Thanks again for the suggestion Sammy Dee. Hopefully this will make book group organising easier. Holly can do the 15th, Sammy Dee, you’re a maybe right? Tara you can do it. I’ll check with Rach, Robyn, does that date suit you? And Dave? Do you want me to give Rach a copy of the book? P.s what does everyone think venue wise? x

    • 15th or 16th both fine for me. πŸ™‚ Dave can borrow my copy if you don’t finish it in time. Isn’t it Tara’s turn to choose a venue? Who’s picking the next book? Are we still doing secret Santa? If we do a belated Xmas theme remind me to bring my crackers!

      • I’m happy to do a belated Xmas theme if everyone else is? I could bring mince pies, and I still have my secret Santa. I think it is Tara’s turn. As for whose turn it is to choose I can’t remember but ill have a think. Where do you fancy for location Tara x

      • I don’t mind on location. We could do it at my flat if that suits everyone of if people prefer we could make it somewhere in the NQ? I quite like the new bar Kosomonaut. I can do either 15th or 16th? I also have my secret santa to bring

      • Hi Tara its really nice of you to offer and I’m up for that so long as you dont mind having us all round? The NQ is also good for me though x

      • Where is Kosomonaut? I haven’t heard of that one.

        I don’t mind which we do. Tara – It’s up to you!

        I also have my Secret Santa – and crackers – although we will NOT be wearing the silly hats πŸ˜‰

        How are others getting on with the book? How many people will have it finished in time? (I will).

      • It’s near my house Dnaielle, it’s really nice, I’ve only being on a weekend though so not sure what it’s like mid week. There’a few new, nice bars in the NQ, plenty of new 2013 BG venues to try out.

        We have to wear the hats : ) and read the jokes! I’ll finish in time, although just started it I’m full of flu so got no excuse not to read! How about everyone else. enjoying it?

        I sent a group text last night about BG for those who might not come on here, I’ve not heard back from anyone so not sure if the group text worked, might need to send individually. Did anyone get it before I send it again? x

  2. Hey everyone – sorry for radio silence! Lou, I got the text, thank you xx

    15th and 16th are both fine for me although I’m not doing so well with the book – I got Caitlin Moran’s new one for Christmas and I’ve been engrossed in that! I’ll get it read though, promise!

    Looking forward to seeing you all xx

    • Hi Robyn,

      Phew, my phones being playing up. Was worried it hadn’t worked.

      Shall we stick with the 16th? Oh, which one, her new one? Jealous.

      Looking forward to seeing you all too. I don’t think Dave can make it x

      • I got the message too but came on here to reply so everyone could read it. Sorry – Should have mentioned that earlier! 16th works for me.

  3. 16th is good for me too. I don’t finish work until 6pm so it would be easier for me if book group was in Kosomonaut. Means I won’t have to be rushing around after wook cooking πŸ™‚ Does that suit everyone?xx

  4. Guys – I am really really sorry but I am not going to be able to make it on Weds. Stu and I have a friend here who is in a real crisis – she just got out of hospital and is staying with us for a little while and I don’t feel like I can really leave her for the evening at the mo. Sorry everyone – hope you have a great meet-up xx

    • Hi Robyn,

      Don’t worry! I hope everything works out ok and it’s not too stressful. I’ll update everyone tonight on possible dates for the next book group. And the book we have decided on.

      Speak to you soon,

      Guys, I don’t have my phone on me today so please text Holly if you need to. Otherwise, Kosmanout at 6 : ) x

  5. Book Group Update!

    Hi everyone, so thank you to everyone who came, it was lovely to see you. And for the peeps who couldn’t make it, you were all missed! The next book for book group is Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Hope that is ok with everyone, it’s Rachel’s first bg choice.

    In terms of dates, we didn’t make a proper decision as we weren’t sure what would work for everyone but we thought the week beginning the 18th of Feb, either the 18th, 19th or 20th?

    What’s everyone’s thoughts? xx

  6. Hey guys – really sorry about the radio silence from me – it’s been a bit of a major time here because Stu has been offered a job back in the North East so we’ve decided to move back to sunny Darlington! We’ll be sad to leave Manchester but we really want to be nearer to our families in the long term. Start of a new chapter!

    Unfortunately the 18th is in Stu’s half term and we’re going over to Darlo to do some house-hunting etc so I won’t be able to make the Feb meet-up. Hopefully I’ll make the March one though – I really want to say bye to you all before we go! Let me know what the book and date is once you’ve decided.

    Hope you’re all well and that you enjoy the book – I’ve not read it but saw the film a while back which was fascinating.

    R xxx

    • Hi Robyn,

      Aw that’s really exciting and really sad. Book group won’t be the same without you!! It sounds like the perfect opportunity though so I’m really pleased for you. Hope you can make the March one, it would be great to see you before you go. Holly and Rachel don’t come on here but I told them the news, their gutted! Really won’t be the same.

      I’ll send you all the details of the next BG and book. Do you want to book March’s final book for old times sake? : ) xx

      • Aw, I’m really sad to be leaving! I’ve had so much fun with you guys! I’ll defo be there in March though – just let me know what’s what πŸ™‚ xx

  7. Awesome – ordered it today. Great to be doing a Manchester writer too πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing you all – 24th is fine for me. Lou said you guys had very kindly offered to let me pick the venue as it’ll be my last book group (sob). I really liked Home Sweet Home for it the couple of times we went there – cosy and quiet enough so we could talk – would you all be ok with that again? If not, am genuinely happy to go somewhere else!

    R xx

    • I’m more than happy with that Robyn! If everyone else is ill book a booth because it gets quite busy, especially on the weekend xx

      • Oh yes good point – that would be great, thanks Lou. Maybe they would give us that nice little corner we had the first time… xxx

      • Good idea Robyn! That’s where we had our first book group with you! I just went to book and realized I didn’t know times! What about 2pm? Xx

    • Hello, I think Lou was thinking week commensing the 29th. I can’t make the 30th but the other nights should be fine.

      I’ve got our books for the next one. We each have a free copy on condition that we all Bookcross them afterwards. More details on the night. x

      What does everyone think of the book so far? I’m about 10%.

      • YO…
        I’m about 10% too, the original style and interesting dialect is proving a tad difficult up to now. I’m gonna keep going though. Tara, are you making something for us?? Vegi? I can do the 29th for sure, and then any night also but the Monday is my bestest. Hugs.

      • Yep I’ll be cooking. Best for me is either 28th, 29th or 30th. Looks like everyone seems good for 20th? x

      • I’m up to 20% now. The “original style and interesting dialect” is a little strange. At first I thought it was translated oddly but maybe that’s just me. It had been on my TBR list for a while so I’m glad you choice it. Who’s idea was it by the way?

        Robyn, are you coming to the next meeting? I have a copy of the next book for you. If not, email me your address and I’ll post it along with the FS course book you lent me.


  8. Seventh is okay with me, but I wan’ Tara vege food. If we go out we need to go somewhere new. Rach can’t do this one I don’t think. Week after I’ve got a shoot in the day but should be fine. xxxx

    Lou put some of your DSLR pics on flickr dude.

      • Monday 6th not great for me. I might be around but I’m toying with the idea of camping this weekend. Happy to do any other day.

      • Tuesday 14th? That’s fine with me, I’ll try get off work early and we can have it at my place x

      • Ps… Is there any kind of food that you guys really detest or won’t eat?x

      • That night works for me! I’ll eat anything! Thank for offering to do food Tara xx

      • Ohhh guys I’m so sorry, I just found out that I need to meet a client after work on the 14th. I can do 12th, 13th, 15th ot 16th? Sooo sorry 😦 xx

      • That’s ok, I can do the Monday or the Wednesday. The Monday is better for me x

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