Abandoned Books

I always love it when other bloggers post meme’s and posts that ask for our responses and opinions in return, and so I couldn’t resist joining in the fun with Mrs. B from The Literary Stew and her wonderful new post A short Meme on Abandoned Books.

Check out the original post and the quote Mrs. B has provided from Book Lust by Nancy Pearl, which originally set her of thinking these interesting and thought-provoking questions.

Here are my thoughts….

1. What would cause you to stop reading a book?

For me this is very simple, when I start reading a book that takes away all of the pleasure of reading and instead leaves me with a sore head I always (albeit with a sense of guilt) think ‘it’s time to put this book down and move onto the next’. I know you shouldn’t give up too easily and some books should be more of a challenge but over time I’ve learnt to overcome these guilty pangs and realise that a book that actually puts you of reading sometimes just isn’t worth it. Reading shouldn’t be a chore should it?

2. Name a book or books you’ve abandoned in the past and ended up loving later on.

I’ll never forget how stubborn I was about reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and I can’t for the life of me think why because in the end I loved it. For some unfathomable reason though when I was first given this book I convinced myself that I just wouldn’t enjoy it. I gave it a go though and the first time round it felt like trudging through muddy water; hard going, sluggish and with no end in sight. So I stopped reading it. It was about a year later that I noticed it on my book shelf and though ‘why not’. This time round I flew through it and loved it. There were even moments where I found myself crying at the beautiful but tragic story line. It was definitely a book hugging moment.

3. Name a book you’ve abandoned in the past that you hope to finish someday.

I ‘m concerned this next confession may be considered sacrilege as everyone else I know has read and loved both of these books. Here they are though; The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey and We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I know both these books are meant to be amazing and I’m sure I was meant to love them, but for me it just never clicked. And so I abandoned them. Perhaps it was the mood I was in at the time that prevented me from falling for them? They are both quite dark in their own way. Nancy Pearl talks about moods affecting books in the quote Mrs. B posted, and reflecting upon this now I can definitely say I agree. What mood you need to be in to enjoy either of this books I don’t know? But I would like to return to them (hopefully with more success) at a later date.

So what about it you? Do you have any thoughts on book abandonment? If you do be sure to pop over to The Literary Stew and leave your thoughts. And Thanks to The Literary Stew for getting me thinking about these interesting questions in the first place.