September Reading Fun & Plans for October

Well here we are again, no sooner was I writing a post on my August reads and here I am month later reflecting back on my reads in September. But instead of dwelling on the equivocal nature of time I will instead share with you what has been for me a wonderful month of reading.

You know those months when no matter what you pick up you love it, from one book to another it’s great read after great read. O I love those times. So I started the month with Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay and whilst I can’t proclaim that this book is stylistically ground break or award worthy it was a damn good holiday read and any book that has me desperate to get from the first page to the last will do for me. And so September was kicked off in crime fiction style.

Next I went for a book that couldn’t have being any different; a novel about conjoined twins. It was a brave, honest, frank and beautifully told story written through the eyes of two girls with big personalities. I laughed and cried in abundance and urge anyone who hasn’t read this book to give it ago.

Just to lighten things up a little I read Gigi by Colette and I still have fond memories of a sunny day in Spain reading this book poolside whilst laughing away to Colette’s hilarious character portrayal in a novel sure to inspire great pleasure and enjoyment.

After this it seemed rude not to read The Cat also by Colette and also included in the same book. This was a far more sombre book given a more playful edge with the addition of a cat named Saha who forms one-third of a love triangle also including his owner and his new wife. I didn’t enjoy the short story as much as Gigi but then I adored this book so didn’t quite expect to. Still it’s an engaging and worthy read especially as you can probably read it in one day given its minature size.

And next up I read this months book group choice, the breathtaking Annabel. I can’t say too much yet as the book group aren’t meeting till next week and I don’t want to give up all my thoughts yet, where would be the fun in that? But stayed turned as the review will be going up soon.

And lastly I started but didn’t quite finish Jayne Eyre. I’m still in the middle of it and loving it, Jayne has just met with a travelling gypsy proclaiming to tell her fortune, things are all up in the air lending excitement and intrigue to this read. I can’t wait to read on and see how things will unfold so this novel will form the start of my reading in October.

I don’t have many more plans for October other than whatever we decide for book group. I’d quite like to actually get round to the first in the Stieg Larsson trilogy kicking off with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This book has been burning a hole in my TBR list for too long.

So what books kept you up reading this month, anything you can’t wait to recommend and tell me about? Or perhaps you struggled to find a book that you could connect with? I’d love to hear your thoughts and off course your reading plans for October.

Happy Reading All.


Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay

Suspense and intrigue is expertly blended with a thrilling plot line that will have you reading late into the night.

You may remember I started of this year reading No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay, and much to my surprise I actually quite liked it. Now I’m not usually one for crime fiction, in fact until reading No Time For Goodbye I had pretty much ruled out crime fiction and thrillers as being a genre for me. And yet I was quite swept away by my first experience with Barclay.

So when it came to picking this years holiday reads I instantly decided to try his latest offering Fear The Worst. Would I become a crime fiction convert? Or would my second encounter down the Barclay road prove disappointing? Well I’m pleased to say my expectations were exceeded with this wonderful thrill of a novel.

What would you do if your only daughter suddenly disappeared without a trace? This is the reality facing Tim Blake when his beloved teenage daughter Sydney suddenly vanishes. When she fails to come home after a trivial family argument panic rises, however when he begins to investigate her disappearance he discovers a murky, dark and mysterious trail has been left behind her.

Why does the hotel were she told him she had a summer job insist they have never seen let alone employed her? And why do her friends only vaguely know about her action before her sudden disappearance? The deeper Tim digs in trying to find his precious daughter the uglier and more ominous reality he seems to uncover. It would seem that his sleepy hometown that he always thought was innocent is hiding a dark and ominous secret and in his search for Sydney he must face the reality that she may have played a sinister part in this underground world he is slowly revealing.

The novel becomes a race against time as Tim fights to find his daughter and it becomes clear to him that he is not the only one with a deep interest in her whereabouts. It would seem that far nastier men than him are on the hunt to track her down. But who will get there first?

Barclay is a master in suspense and he knows how and when to leave the subtle but terrifying clues that pave the way to mystery and suspense within his novels. Fear The Worst is no exception and there are enough red herring’s, nearly fatal brushes with the truth, and cleverly woven signs to keep his readers hooked from the first page till the last.

I raced through the novel and never once suspected the ending, by the final chapters I was riveted and couldn’t wait to uncover the truth. Without even realizing it I was enjoying a crime thriller novel more than I have enjoyed many other books in quite sometime. Perhaps it’s just Barclay that manages to captivate me in such a way or perhaps I need to read books by other masters in this genre. Can anyone give me any recommendations?

Fear The Worst is the perfect book to reach for if you’re looking for a book that will captivate you and have you reading well into the night. Prepare to let Barclay take control of your imagination as he leads you on a journey of false starts and misleading clues that will lave you lost in his world and fearing the worst.

Have you read this book or anything else by Barclay? If you have read it then what did you think? Do you find his work as captivating as I do or do you have another favorite crime writer. Remember as part of my Day Zero challenge I must read the first 10 books nominated to me by the readers of my blog. I only have a few so far so if you can think of any books you would like to make me read then please do let me know.

I’m Back in the Land of Blogging

After a wonderful recent break in the lovely Alicante and even lovelier Barcelona I’m pleased to be back in the world of blogging. After 10 ten days of very limited internet access I’m so pleased to finally catch up with my blog and read all of the great comments that have being left.

Thanks everyone for your comments on my recent post challenge Day Zero. I’ll get back to you all very soon but from what I’ve seen I’m spoilt for choice with a brilliant selection of recommended books.

I also can’t wait to catch up with everyone elses blogs and see what you have been reading or doing so far this month.

In terms of reading I’ve had a lovely start to September, starting with the brilliant Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay and then moving onto the touching and unforgettable The Girls by Lori Lansen. I’m now enjoying some French Literature in the form of Gigi and The Cat by Collette and then…well who knows.

What have you all being reading so far this month, any great reads?

Reviews of all of the above books will be popping up very soon, I can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts. I forgot how enjoyable it was to share my reading experiences with all of you lovely fellow book lovers.

Thanks again for the comments and for being patient in what has been a very quite week at I Hug My Books…Now to getting caught up.