I Partrdige, We need to talk about Alan & my first audio book experience

Fans of Alan Partridge prepare to indulge in some seriously side-splitting comedy from the king of humour.

I toyed with the idea of even writing a review for this book, firstly it isn’t the sort of book that I usually review and secondly I didn’t technically read it, what I actually did was listen to it as an audio book.

Whether that merited a review I couldn’t decide but then I loved this book so much that a, I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts with everyone. And b, well I wanted to share with you my first experience of reading through an audio book.

I had always sworn that I wouldn’t bother with audio books, why? Well when I actually think about it I don’t really know why, you hear the same context as you would when reading a book, yes you absorb it in a different manner but you still ultimately read the same book. And yet I had always dismissed the idea. But I have being trying lately to push my reading boundaries, and the result is always the same; ‘why didn’t I push myself to try this sooner’

Sometimes the best thing you can do is challenge your own ideas because you never really know what you might discover.

The experience of listening to this in audio book format resulted in a hilarious journey of quick-witted antidotes made even more hilarious by Partridge’s ingeniously nasal voice and his ridiculous interpretation of events.

In fact I don’t think that reading the book straight from the written page would have been quite the same. This kind of story was made to be heard out loud with Steve Coogan’s brilliant and masterful Partridge accent. The sarcasm that makes Alan the comedy legend that he is could easily be lost in the translation of a novel.

The audio book is just over seven hours long and like any book I split it over a few days. I’d quite like to actually sit down and read the book in novel format but I’m certainly pleased that I gave the audio book a go first.

So what does everyone else think of audio books? Love them? Hate them? Or are you indifferent?

I can’t see myself doing this with every book or even many of them, I’m just a  traditionalist love reading books straight from the written page. that said I can definitely see some added benefits to chosing an audio book.

So now I have being enlightened to the world of audio books a few thoughts on I Partridge. If you’re a fan of Partridge and have followed Coogan’s adventures with this character so far then your bound to love this book which fits together all of the pieces and loose strings of Alan’s life from his cruel and bitter childhood where his tyrannical father made him pick leaves on hot summer’s day (more than once!) To meeting Carol, working at the BBC, his subsequent demise and his notorious breakdown and off course bouncing back.

The book is a mock paradox of the usual celebrity autobiographies that we see swarming in each Christmas. Alan turns the genre on its head recalling his own hard times and issues including a dark and painful toblerone addiction….you really can’t make this stuff up.

Everything that makes Alan an on-screen legend works here, his warped and ridiculous take on reality, his pedantic but brilliant sense of humour. Maybe avoid reading this on the train though, it really is a laugh out loud book.

My only complaint would be that the book doesn’t feature the amazing character of Lynn quite as much as I’d like, but fear not she’s slips in and out of the book from time to time.

I’m sure the book would make a brilliant Christmas present for any die-hard Partridge fan or even if you just want some light-hearted but hilarious reading then I would definitely recommend this book.

Has anyone else read/listened to this book? Are you planning to read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.