Celebrate Roald Dahl Day!

Of all the funny days we seem to celebrate, from crumpet day to ninja day (yes there is such a thing) I was very thrilled when I remembered that today was officially Roald Dahl day.

I’m sure many people already knew this and many others will no doubt be pleased to find it out. Dahl is after all responsible for introducing people from all ages and backgrounds to the wonderful world of reading. I bet we can all remember with vivid clarity the first time we discovered Roald Dahl’s amazing imagination and talent for creating the most captivating and spellbinding stories.

So in celebration of Roal Dahl, I thought I would ask you all to share your answers to these questions:

What was the first Roald Dahl book that you discovered?

What is your favorite Roald Dahl, and why?

If you were picking a Roald Dahl book to give to a reader who had never read one of his books before what would you chose?

And finally why do you love Dahl so much?

I do hope you’ll decide to let me know your answers, I’d love to hear everyone else’s feelings, memories and experiences of reading Roald Dahl.

So, here are my answers:

The first Roald Dahl book I discovered was The BFG, my older cousin had a copy and I remember being fascinated and terrified by the books illustrations in equal measures. I was delighted to realise that the scary looking giant was in fact a lovely friendly man and his image has become symbolic of my memories of children’s literature.

My favourite Roald Dahl book is The Witches, I was literally petrified as a child by these scary old ladies who acted and talked just like my grandma’s. What if my beloved nan was really an evil witch? This book had all of my emotions stirred, fear, joy, love and rapture. This was when I truly realised the pure thrill of reading.

If I were picking a Roald Dahl book for a first time reader I would probably end up cheating and picking two. I know, I know I asked for one book. But I just love George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda so much that I’m picking them both. (Feel free to cheat too, if like me you just can’t settle on one book).Who could fail to be enthralled by either of these captivating stories? Matilda is so uplifting and hopeful and Georges Marvellous Medicine is just so side-splitting funny.

And lastly, I love Dahl because even at twenty-seven I still love reading his books with just as much fervour as I did when reading them as a little girl. His books are more than just stories, there memories. The illustrations are beautiful pieces of art and his characters are like best childhood friends that you’ll never forget.

So now I think it’s time to make a hot drink, curl up in bed and lose myself in Georges Marvellous Medicine, I recently treat myself to a charity shop copy because sometimes we just need to revisit our youth and remember a really amazing writer.

Happy Roald Dahl day everyone, how did you celebrate?